Gary Young

Perhaps no one understands the concept of making a difference more than D. Gary Young, founder and president of Young Living Essential Oils and The D. Gary Young Foundation.

Gary Young and the Lavender Harvest Video

Gary Young's personal experiences have made him who he is today, added to his empathetic, loving, and kind nature, and left him with a true commitment to help those in need. After helping himself recover from adversity, Gary knew he could help others as well. And that's been his life's mission ever since–sharing his knowledge of and experience with essential oils and healthy living.

This site is dedicated to the travels, discoveries, and work of Gary Young. For over 20 years Gary has traveled the world researching the health benefits of essential oils. His hope is to share and bring mainstream attention to the healing properties of essential oils and the joy it brings to millions around the world.

We invite all to learn more about the true story of Mr. Gary Young, his company Young Living Essential Oils and the blessings that nature's oils can bring.