D. Gary Young's Humanitarian Aid

D. Gary Young has not only led his company, Young Living Essential Oils, in generously aiding those in need throughout the world, but has also served as an inspiration for Young Living Essential Oils employees and distributors to serve others through their own humanitarian efforts.

The Tarahumara Indians

In November of 2003, Gary Young led a team of hand–picked Young Living Essential Oils executives and distributors on a humanitarian expedition to northern Mexico. The goal of the expedition was to provide the Tarahumara Indians with food, school supplies, and other daily necessities. Gary and team also cleared land and provided materials to build a new school house and community well for two villages.

The Indian Ocean Tsunami

On December 26, 2004, a powerful earthquake triggered one of the deadliest and most destructive tsunamis in history. The tsunami left more than 150,000 dead in its path with millions more left homeless in 11 different countries around the Indian Ocean.

Since the disaster, Gary Young, through Young Living Essential Oils, has donated essential oils to help relieve the stress and anguish of tsunami victims.

Hurricane Katrina

Gary Young's personal dedication to humanitarian efforts paved the way for Young Living to provide aid to Hurricane Katrina victims. Aside from generous corporate donations made by Young Living Essential Oils, Gary and Young Living provided hygiene kits used in the relief efforts to help victims stay healthy.

9/11 Attacks

During the rescue and recovery efforts after the 9/11 tragedy, Gary, through Young Living, donated essential oils for firefighters to use as they worked among the debris.

Serving the Community

Gary Young, both as an individual and as head of Young Living Essential Oils, is constantly seeking to support and serve those in the community. In August 2004, Gary personally assisted in the search for a missing 12–year–old boy in the rugged Uinta Mountains of Utah. He rode his horse through the rocky terrain in search of the young boy and loaned horses to other volunteers.