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Gary Young Video: "In Search of Frankincense"

Watch the Gary Young Video teaser for what to expect at Young Living's 2010 Grand Convention.

Gary Young Video: "Ecuador Highlights"

Watch video highlights of Gary Young talking about new essential oils coming to Young Living from Ecuador.

Gary Young Video: "Lavender Harvest"

Watch Gary Young in this fascinating and informative video of how lavender is harvested and distilled.

Gary Young Video: "Ningxia Red Wolfberry Juice - Part One"

Several years ago, Gary Young introduced the Chinese Ningxia wolfberry to the world. Watch Gary Young and other experts in this exciting video explain the history and health benefits of this amazing nutritional fruit.

Gary Young Video: "Ningxia Red Wolfberry Juice Video - Part Two"

In part two of this video, Gary Young continues the history and health benefits of the Chinese Ningxia Wolfberry (goji).

Gary Young Video: "Indiana Young - Convention 2003 Video"

Watch this thrilling Gary Young video as he searches for the elixir of health in the 2003 Grand Convention opener.

Gary Young Video: "The Wheat Harvest"

In this 2005 video, Gary Young shows the farming process of pure, unprocessed wheat.

Gary Young Video: "Amazon Adventure Highlights"

Gary Young video highlights as he searches the Amazon for new essential oils.

Gary Young Video: "Exploring in Ecuador"

Gary Young explores the jungles of Ecuador in search of new essential oils in this old favorite video.