Young Living Farms

Young Living Farms

Mona, Utah

In 1995, Gary Young purchased 138 acres of farmland in Utah, where he could grow and distill plants to create essential oils. Nestled at the base of scenic Mount Nebo, the farm now includes almost 1,600 acres and is the largest privately–owned herb farm and essential oils distillery in the world. Every year the farm produces chamomile, clary sage, helichrysum, peppermint, hyssop, and, of course, lavender along with other plants.

In the summer, when 120 acres are full of fragrant lavender, the farm hosts its annual Lavender Days. Visitors enjoy the unique opportunity of seeing the entire distillation process, including Gary's proprietary design for low–temperature, low–pressure spiral vortex steam distillation.

The farm also offers seasonal activities that the whole family can enjoy, including tours of the distillery and wagon rides. Visitors can also take advantage of educational classes to learn about essential oils and more.

St. Maries, Idaho

Near the small town of St. Maries, Idaho, Gary Young discovered an unspoiled valley ideal for harvesting aromatic plants and producing essential oils. The land had never been plowed, exposed to harsh pesticides or fertilizers and was unaffected by the pollution of urban areas. Furthermore, there was little risk of contamination from aerial pesticides and irrigation runoff from nearby farms. In 1992, Gary purchased 160 acres and began to harvest lavender, tansy, and peppermint to use for Young Living Essential Oils health and wellness products.

The first stationary distiller was built at the farm. It incorporated Gary's proprietary low–pressure and low–temperature distillation process. The distiller's original boiler capacity was just over 3,000 liters. Four years and six additional boilers later, the boiler capacity topped more than 34,000 liters.

Simiane–la–Rotonde, France

The Provence area of France is world–renowned for its scenic landscape, fresh crops, and fragrant lavender fields. Historically many natives believed that the fragrance of lavender induced tranquility and inspired feelings of happiness and celebration. 

At one point, France was producing roughly 200 tons of lavender oil annually. Yet over the years, the lavender crop in France has steadily declined, though it’s unclear why.

Many farms in France produce Lavendin, a diluted lavender hybrid, and has become an accepted substitute for the true herb.

It was with this decline in production and diluted quality in mind that led Gary to purchase land for a new Young Living farm. This farm sits at the foot of the quaint French village Simiane. Until Gary's first crop, there was no lavender grown in the area. It's Gary's hope that the farm will restore healthy and authentic lavender plants to the valley.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Young Living Ecuador farm is the newest addition to the Young Living family of farms. Gary personally chose the location because of its rich soil and continual growing season. Spanning nearly 2,200 acres, the farm currently produces Palo Santo trees, helichrysum, lemongrass and a variety of new plants with potent capabilities and high oil content. The farm also houses the single largest single cooker in the western hemisphere with a 14,500 liter capacity.

Recently, Gary and his family moved to Ecuador to allow Gary to further his research on the therapeutic and healing properties of aromatic plants and to identify new plants for use in Young Living essential oils. He also oversees the entire production of essential oils, including the growing and distillation of the plants.