Young Living Farms

Lavender Days

Gary Young's vision for holding an annual Lavender Days festival was to inspire individuals to lives of wellness, purpose, and abundance by helping them experience nature, learn about essential oils, and celebrate strong family and community bonds.

Lavender Days began in July 2006 at Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah. A variety of events were previously hosted at the farm during summer, but Gary realized the need for a festival that focused on celebrating the lavender harvest itself. The first two festivals took place in July, but due to the harvesting schedule, the festival now takes place the last weekend of June to allow visitors to experience the lavender at its peak.

Because of his desire to have families gather for entertainment and education, Gary built two themed areas at the Mona farm—a Western town and a medieval village. Visitors to Lavender Days enjoy full access to both areas along with Western shows, including shoot outs, and real–life jousting tournaments.

Gary was raised as a farmer and rancher and the spirit of the West is very much a part of who he is.

Gary also spent his life traveling throughout the world studying ancient distillation methods and natural medicine. The medieval times are of particular interest to him because they were a time period when people used herbal medicines, such as essential oils, to care for their health. He enjoys the sport of jousting because of its physical demands, and also because of the ideals that knights stood for–chivalry, honor, and courage.