Gary Young’s Travels

For 25 years, Gary Young has traveled throughout Central and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East to study the natural healing properties of plants and their essential oils and to do humanitarian work. Gary’s travels have allowed him to further his knowledge of essential oils, share his passion with the world and offer aid to those in need.

D. Gary Young’s Destinations


During the 1980s, Gary had the opportunity to work under the leadership of prominent doctors in Mexico. He studied a wide range of subjects, including chemistry, anatomy, hematology, and biochemistry.
In 2003, Gary led a volunteer expedition that provided humanitarian aid and supplies to the Tarahumara Indians in northern Mexico. (link to the Tarahumara page on the foundation website).


Gary traveled to the south of France in the early 1990s to study the process of how essential oils are distilled.


In 2000, Gary traveled to China to study the potent Ningxia wolfberry and its wide range of health benefits. Gary then introduced the treasured Chinese Ningxia wolfberry to the western world.


Gary Young now makes his home in Ecuador and recently invited Young Living’s top distributors to join him there. For a full week, Gary and the distributors were able to interact with one another and Gary personally showed them the Young Living farmland in the town of Guayaquil and the essential oil distillation process.


Gary’s quest to discover the healing remedies found in nature and natural ways to preserve health and combat illness has taken him to the rich nation of India.

The Middle East

Gary has traveled all over Egypt, Israel, and Pakistan investigating ancient distillation techniques at various archaeological sites.