Gary Young was a truth seeker, and he followed the path that led him to truth. He was not one to write about someone else’s adventures. He had to know and see for himself. He wrote about his own experiences, research, and findings. No other company has the history of research and development of essential oils in the areas of production, usage, research, and education as D. Gary Young and his company, Young Living Essential Oils.

This very sophisticated laboratory was built abovve the distillery in 2010, making it possible to have instant analysis during and after distilling.
Dr. Casabianca came to Utah to instruct Gary and Sue, biochemist, on the new GC in the Payson office in 1996.

Books Published

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Papers Presented at Conferences

  • Inhibitory Activity of Essential Oils Toward Cellular Proliferation in a Lung Cancer Carcinoma Cell Line. International Food Chemistry Conference. SICC-5, Singapore, 2007.
  • Comparative Study of the Essential Oils of Three Betula Species: B. alleghaniensis, B. lenta, B. pendula. Gualin, China, Conference, 2004.
  • Autolysis Induction by Essential Oils in Streptococcus pneumoniae. Annual Meeting of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters. Salt Lake City, UT, April 1998.
  • Cultivating and Distilling Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils in the United States. Proceedings from the First International Symposium, Grasse, France. March 21-22, 1998.
  • Organic Farming and Germination: UNIDO World Congress on Essential Oils, Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey, 1997.


D. Gary Young is listed as an inventor on the following granted US patents:

9,211,228 Massaging topical oils applicator

9,358,557 Liquid diffuser

9,205,020 Massaging multiple roller-ball applicator for topical oils application

8,956,066 Roller-ball applicator assembly with retainer for topical oils application

9,675,653 Composition containing an essential oil product and method for using such to maintain normal levels of testosterone

9,211,277 Dietary supplement composition

Gary is listed as an inventor on the following pending US patent applications:

2015/0209688 Distillation system

2014/0262904 Container for holding essential oils

2015/0174595 Liquid diffuser

2016/0100524 Harvester

2016/0243576 Diffuser with interchangeable cover

2017/0056941 Composition and method for treating an herbicide

2015/0173375 High protein bread formulation

Co-Authored Research

  • Inhibition of LPS Induced Nitric Oxide Production in Murine RAW Macrophage-like Cells by Essential Oils of Plants. Chao S, Young DG, Nakaoka K, Oberg C. Journal of the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters. Vol. 82, 2005.
  • Composition of the Oils of Three Chrysothamnus nauseousus Varieties. Chao S, Young DG, Casabianca H, Bertrand M-C. Journal of Essential Oil Research. Nov/Dec 2003.