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Essential Oils

December 2019

Kai Tan’s Tips for True Downline Leadership: A Journey

Kai Tan, Young Living Diamond and speaker at our 2019 International Grand Convention, thinks about…

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Gary’s Mustard Plaster Story

Many people alive today may remember the natural remedies of bygone years. Gary recalled getting…

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November 2019

What Gary’s Clary Sage Journey Means for You

Young Living has grown clary sage for more than 25 years and distilled it into…

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A History You May Not Have Heard Before

In 1984 a lady from Zurich, Switzerland gave me a portfolio about essential oils. “How…

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Good Essential Oils Come From Good Seeds

Why is Young Living the No. 1 choice for essential oils in the world? It’s…

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Adulteration in Essential Oils: What to Watch Out For

Why is Young Living the number-one choice for essential oils in the world? It’s because…

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October 2019

Romancing the Negative

I see people fail all the time because they do not know what they don’t…

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Six Tips for Living Your Dream!

Two weeks ago I talked about stopping your “excuse-itis” by writing your goals down and…

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Write Down How You Want to Change!

Last week Gary talked about how to cure ourselves of “excuse-itis,” resharing what he said…

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