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December 2017

Making a Big Change!

This photo was taken on January 11 of this year. On New Year’s Day,…

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November 2017

Take a Risk for Success!

That’s Jacob. It’s all airborne! We love playing but there’s a risk in playing. But…

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Risks Involve Choice

 So, yes, you have a choice. You can quit right there because it hurt a…

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Taking Risks

How many here want to change your paradigm? Okay, how many are willing to take…

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Dare to Change Your Paradigm!

Next, do research about your idea. For example, if you’re looking at being a Silver…

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Dream to Overcome Negativity

Capture an idea and dream about it. Now, this is where you can start taking…

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October 2017

Give Yourself Permission to Have a Hard Day

There may be some days that you just don’t find a way to deal with…

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Defying the Death Sentence

Today, June 16, 2017, is a very special day for me in so many ways,…

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We Can Fulfill Our Destiny!

I appreciated so much Shawn Achor talking about happiness and how happiness can be found…

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The Spirit of Young Living Award, Part II

Gary: Donna, we present you with this beautiful Spirit of Young Living Award for your…

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