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April 2013

Don’t Let Fear Dictate Your Outcome

Another thing that I want you to do is when you’re writing things down, I…

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Load Your Plate!

Here is another part of my success that drives Mary crazy. I put more on…

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March 2013

Find a Way—Make It Happen!

I talked to my father for two years about my desire to move to Canada….

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What Might Have Been

Folks, it doesn’t mean that you’ve got to write a volume about what you don’t…

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Write Down What You Want

You know, I started making paradigm shifts early in my life, although I didn’t realize…

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February 2013

Desire to Improve and Do What It Takes

Why was I voted least likely to succeed? Because my father was poor. We were…

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Old Paradigms Can Destroy

When I was a preteen, I listened to my father tell a friend, “You know,…

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January 2013

Get Out of Your Rut!

Folks, I think the prairie schooner’s rut we talked about last week is one of…

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Changing Your Paradigm

If you’re going to change the paradigm, you’ve got to change everything. You’ve got to…

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Work Forward Not Backward

How many of you spend a lot of time balancing your checkbook? I probably shouldn’t…

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