Don’t Let Fear Dictate Your Outcome

Gary Young speaking to Young Living distributor in Ecuador

Gary is shown here on the Ecuador farm with a YL member. He shares his hard-earned lesson to avoid limiting dreams to the size of your bank account.

Another thing that I want you to do is when you’re writing things down, I want you to look at your buffet, what’s on your plate, and ask yourself, “How many times have I wanted to be more and then looked at the cost of being more and decided I couldn’t afford it?”

I made a great discovery years ago, and I’ve shared a little bit of that with you. It was when I was building the Ecuador farm. I realized that I dreamed proportionately to my bank account. And when you dream proportionately to your bank account, it is self-defeating. That’s when I realized that my bank account was not my source. If you can’t dream beyond the proportion of your bank account, you will fail. Because you will set limitations on yourself, your dreams will not happen.

How many people do you know that have gone to a foreign country where they couldn’t speak the language, then built a farm, a medical clinic, and two schools in 7 years? Do you know how many people told me I was crazy and couldn’t do it?

I say that simply for this reason: if you listen to the people around you give advice, you will fail every single time. If you acknowledge the fear, that’s okay, because that’s why it’s there. Fear is there to counsel you but not to dictate your life.

This is another place where we fail. We let fear dictate our outcome. We let fear tell us, “No, no, no! Don’t talk to that person in the aisle in front of you, don’t talk to that person standing in the shopping checkout line because she might reject you, he may not accept it, he may think you’re crazy, they may think that essential oils are voodoo medicine.” Your fear then dictates your outcome because you let it control you. You let it dictate to you how you’re going to respond to something or somebody.

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