Member Memory: Gary Young and Beatriz G.

Since Gary’s passing, many members have shared their memories of him and appreciation for his legacy. Today, we share another member’s memories with you as a way not only to keep his legacy alive but also to inspire others seeking wellness and purpose. This one comes from Beatriz G.

Gary Young with member Beatriz G.

I first met Gary and Mary Young in June 2007, when I flew to Utah for the first time to attend the Young Living Latino Summit. Words cannot describe the honor and gratitude I feel for everything I’ve learned directly from Gary from then till now.

One of the things I learned was the Raindrop Technique, and as I’ve refined it over the years, it’s reinforced not only the importance of essential oils but also the personal lesson of not hesitating to pursue what I choose to achieve.

I know Gary Young contributed to the change of consciousness on Planet Earth, and that I and many like me are forever better for it.

The legacy that Gary leaves us will live on through us and through our continuation of his work and vision.


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