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Essential Oil Production (Farms)

November 2013

Developing Organic Weed and Pest Control

All our fields are sprayed with a natural herbicide made of essential oils, neem oil,…

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Worm Houses Enrich Farm Soil

We talked about worm “manure” last week. As the enzymes and digestion residue in the…

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October 2013

Composting and Worm Castings

Here is one of our composting yards at the farm in Ecuador. We also have…

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Preparing the Soil for Healthy Plants

Step No. 3:  Preparation. You must understand geographical location, soil type, climate, elevation, humidity, and…

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Young Living’s Agro-Sustainable Farming

The first plants are the untreated plants. The next plants were treated with our bio-genesis…

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Proper pH for Aromatic Plant Growth

Knowing that no matter where you go, no matter where you farm, no matter where…

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The Best Seed, the Best Soil

Now, whenever you take a seed and transplant it from one place to another place,…

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September 2013

Seeds from Growers, Not Greenhouses

The first lavender seeds came from France in 1985. Then I continued bringing seeds in ’91…

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It Started with Just a Quarter of an Acre

This is where I first started growing in 1988 on a little quarter acre plot…

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It All Starts with the Right Seeds

Step No. 2: Proper seed species. This is another area where we can have a…

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