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Essential Oils

October 2010

Part 1: Finding Pure Essential Oils

Every company and individual selling essential oils in the marketplace today claim to have the…

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June 2010

Boswellia sacra

I hope my readers can understand the joy that filled my heart at convention as…

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January 2010

Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture: Onycha, Spikenard & Rose of Sharon

Less in known about onycha, spikenard, and rose of Sharon, but today, Gary Young imparts…

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November 2009

Research on Essential Oils, part III

Gary Young thanks BYU Professor Cates and concludes that Young Living is bringing essential information…

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February 2009

Reflections from the Balsam Fir Harvest

Gary, corporate staff, and field members brave cold weather for rich oil. While most spent…

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Young Living’s Wintergreen Essential Oil

One thing I have prided myself and Young Living on is the total quality of…

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December 2008

Frankincense in Kenya and Oman

A note from Gary Young: Over the past five weeks I have traveled around the…

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