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July 2012

The Effectiveness of Dorado Azul

The other new oil that many of you may not have heard of from the…

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The Power of Ocotea

For several years I have been studying the Ecuadorian oil ocotea, which has a similar…

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December 2010

Part 8: Finding Pure Essential Oils

In November of 2006, I found myself in Ecuador expanding Young Living’s farmland.  I purchased…

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July 2009

Journey Along Rio Babanoza, Part II

After chatting about aromatic plants with a local family, a fifteen-year-old boy took us in…

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Journey Along The Rio Babanoza, Part I

My journey into the jungle, canoeing down the legendary Rio Babanoza (headwaters to the Amazon…

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Amazon River Adventure, Part II

There’s a reason they call the Amazon the rain forest—when it rains it really pours!…

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June 2009

Amazon River Adventure, Part I

Because Marc Schreuder was off on his own jungle exploration in Brazil, I invited his…

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A Message From Ecuador

On a recent trip I took into the jungle in Ecuador, I was shown a…

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