The Effectiveness of Dorado Azul

D. Gary Young in Ecuador

One of Gary’s great discoveries in Ecuador was dorado azul which is available through Young Living Essential Oils.

The other new oil that many of you may not have heard of from the farm in Ecuador is dorado azul. Ocotea and dorado azul are gaining a lot of recognition now and are coming to the forefront very quickly as we see their benefits.

Both of these oils contain high levels of beta-caryophyllene, which is a compound found in various plant materials and, of course, in a higher concentration in oils. Beta-caryophyllene is an amazing sesquiterpene.

When this is found in an oil like dorado azul, which contains eucalyptol as well, this means that this is an oil that supports the respiratory tract. Dorado azul is very powerful and the effectiveness of it is almost magical. The results that our patients at the clinic have seen have been wonderful, and now individuals out in the field are experiencing them, too.

Another thing that we see with dorado azul is that it contains a lot of hormone-balancing compounds, one of which is alpha-fenchol. A lot of the women here in America, who I hear from mostly, are finding that dorado azul is giving them a great support in normal hormone function, particularly when combining it with SclarEssence.

You might want to try applying it topically, diffusing it, taking 2 to 3 drops internally in a little water or a capsule, or even putting it in your drink. You can find lots of opportunities to enjoy it.

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