The Power of Ocotea

Gary Young in the Amazon Rainforest

By exploring deep into the Amazon, Gary has discovered and identified new plant sources for exotic essential oils like ocotea.

For several years I have been studying the Ecuadorian oil ocotea, which has a similar aroma and taste as cinnamon. We distill this oil at the Young Living farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador, from the leaves of the ocotea tree.

This beautiful oil can be inhaled, applied topically, and taken as a dietary supplement. Many people like to drop from one to three drops of ocotea under their tongue, and I’ve been told that it helps with some food cravings. You all know how “hot” cinnamon essential oil is because it contains nearly 50 percent trans-cinnamaldehyde. Well, ocotea has that cinnamon flavor and some of its actions but with less than 10 percent trans-cinnamaldehyde.

In Ecuador, ocotea is called false canella, meaning false cinnamon. Yes, ocotea is a close cousin to cinnamon, but it also has a high level of the constituent alpha-humulene, which has many important benefits.

As we go through transformations emotionally, we also go through transformations physically, and I believe it all has to start with your mind and your emotions. As you transform your body into a healthier, new you, ocotea may provide you with some remarkable benefits.

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