Find The Products That Work For You

In today’s post, Gary Young encourages Young Living members to experiment in finding the products that work best for them.

comfortone3Because of the devitalized foods that we’re eating, digestion is an area where we need so much help. I’ll continue working in bringing products to you that I feel will help overcome the deficiencies that exist in the present food chain.

But folks, if you’re going to build a healthy body, you’ve got to get back to basics and you’ve got to cleanse. And it’s not just once a year or once in a lifetime: Put your body in a state of continual cleansing. And I found this really, really important: My wife, Mary, takes ComforTone™ just about every single day since I’ve known her. You have to find the things that work well for you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Don’t wait for me to tell you what to do! Don’t wait for me to tell you to take three of this and six of those and ten of that. Just use the product and experience it. But be patient! You need to realize we may have spent 40 or 50 years taking advantage of our youth to make our old age miserable, and it may take 10 or 15 years to bring it back into balance. But the moment you quit, you’ve lost. And you know I feel that I probably understand as well as anyone the discouragements that come with rebuilding your body and overcoming pain and overcoming dysfunctional glands and organs. No one knows that better than those who have been there. And those who haven’t been there just thank God that that wasn’t an experience you needed in life because it’s not easy and it’s not necessarily fun. But the flipside of that, it brings you a fabulous education that you can share with others and help them to overcome and rebuild their lives.

So that’s where it’s at: Don’t hesitate! It’s going to be really exciting to have all of you out in the field participating in this research. So many of you have had experiences you’ve shared with me that I’ve been able to pass on and share with others. And the outcome has been marvelous, so don’t hesitate in doing that!

—Essentially Yours,
D. Gary Young

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