Four Tips For Success

In today’s blog post, Gary Young provides key information about how you can grow a successful Young Living business.

Folks, I’m excited to talk again about helping you drive success to your Young Living distributorship. Being a part of this organization allows you to have abundance in so many ways. But to achieve abundance you must put into place certain practical elements that will allow you to achieve the dreams you have in life. With that, here are four simple tips that you can implement in your business:

  • Tip #1—Put a framework into place

Look at your downline and start setting up appointments to teach them how to set up Young Living as a business. Now some may say to you that they’re not really interested in building it a business, and that’s okay. Share with them that you want to help them to eventually establish it as a business, so for some reason down the road if it should happen to grow, everything they need is already in place. And with a business framework in place, then there’s more discipline and commitment to it and it will make it easier for them to share the Young Living opportunity and products with others.

  • Tip #2—Don’t provide false expectations

Don’t take your people into the pitfalls that happen every day in network marketing by leading them to believe that they’re going to make truckloads of money, that there’s no work involved, just sign up here and get on autoship and it’s all done for you. That is false! Autoship is a tool to success, but it isn’t the answer. If you don’t treat your business as a business, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’ve worked hard to bring them in, why lose them with setting unrealistic expectations?

  • Tip #3—A two-hour focus

In 1997, when I was studying at the university, I was putting in a lot of time expanding my knowledge and education. I remember a PhD student came into the library and asked me how I can come into the library everyday at six o’clock and study until ten at night and not burn out. Well, the secret is I never focused on something for more than about two to four hours at a time, after that the brain just gets tired. This is how I get so much accomplished.

When I’m at the office I am 100 percent focused, at the farm I’m 100 percent focused, when creating formulas, I’m 100 percent focused. So apply this same process to your distributorship. Set appointments up for two hours, touch base with your downline for two hours, go meet new people for two hours, train your downline for two hours, and so on. You will be amazed at how much you will be able to get done with theses small, focused chunks of time.

  • Tip #4—The push

Set higher goals and objectives than you believe you can accomplish, because these things will push you! I’ve hear a lot of distributors say, “Gary, well you know I’ve kinda set my goal to sponsor one person a week.” If you set your goal for one person a week, anyone can do that by accident—is that pushing you to excellence? It’s status quo.

Many of you don’t know this, but long before I was involved in Young Living, I was a distributor for another company. I set a goal to sponsor 100 people a week. And you know what, I never ever reached it, but what it meant to me was to keep working and reaching for aggressive goals. There’s an old saying that if you reach for greatness you will be good and if you reach for perfection you will reach greatness. Set a goal you think you can accomplish then double it!

Essentially Yours,

Gary Young

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