KidScents Toothpaste: The Best Alternative

KidScents ToothpasteIf you take a look at the ingredients in a regular tube of toothpaste, you’ll notice a lot more ingredients than are listed in KidScents® Toothpaste. That’s because it doesn’t take a lot to clean your teeth! As we developed our KidScents products, my son Jacob was a great inspiration to me, and as this line goes forward we are really, really excited.

Now, according to the New Jersey Department of Health, tetrasodium pyrophosphate can “severely irritate and burn the eyes, leading to permanent damage. Contact can irritate the skin.” Folks, why do they put skull and crossbones on toothpastes today, and then we allow our children to brush their teeth with it, and even at that we do it ourselves? Also found in many toothpastes is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). The FDA has warned shampoo manufacturers of unacceptable levels of dioxin in products containing sodium lauryl sulfate. Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia know that SLS causes major improper eye development in children. SLS also reacts with other ingredients to form cancer-causing nitrosamines. SLS is used in testing labs as a standard to measure sever skin irritations. Sodium lauryl sulfate was designed and developed, folks, as an engine degreaser. And so just think how powerful a compound that is that you’re putting on your skin or putting in your mouth when you use toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate! It is also used as a foaming agent, but it’s used as a filler in most of your products because it costs almost next to nothing to manufacture. In a lot of formulas it will take up 30 to 40 percent of the entire formulation—phew! Yeah, and you wonder why I go back to the field once in a while!

It is up to each an every one of us to be responsible for what we put into our bodies. This also means that we must use non-toxic products to care for our bodies too! Take a look at the ingredients in KidScents Toothpaste: calcium carbonate, colloidal silver, zinc oxide, peppermint and spearmint essential oils are used as tooth health agents. Ionic minerals and xylitol are used for tooth and gum support. We’ve also included Thieves® essential oil blend to improve gum health. Folks, you can rest assured that when your kids use Young Living’s toothpaste, they aren’t putting any damaging chemicals into their bodies.

Essentially Yours,

D. Gary Young

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