Your Enzymes "Savings Account"

Gary Young at Young Living convention in Orlando, FL

Gary explains how our enzymes “savings account” can become depleted and what we can do about it.

Enzymes enhance the absorption and utilization of food nutrients, but their production decreases in the absence of live food, disease, stress, aging, and petrochemicals.

You are born with a savings or reserve account of enzymes, except for amylase, which you are supposed to get from your mother’s milk from nursing, but when you start eating fast foods or frozen boxed foods, which are dead foods because they are devoid of enzymes, the enzymes you are born with have to come out of the reserve account to do the digesting. It’s like you’re taking out a loan.

As you keep taking out more and more on loan, pretty soon your savings account is spent. Then all of a sudden, when you eat what you have eaten before, you have a reaction. It may be bloating, water retention, acid burning, acid reflux, coughing, or a headache, but it’s a reaction.

Why is it that wheat is the staff of life, according to God, and yet a large number of people are allergic to it? And it’s not just wheat. Some people are allergic to anything with gluten in it.

How many of you have an allergy? Why are you having that reaction? Because your storage reserve, your savings account, has been depleted of enzymes.

How do you replace your reserve? You have to eat live food and drink live juices, or you have to supplement the enzymes.

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