Line Up Your Sights

Gary Young looking towards the sun at jousting tournament

Gary tells us to line up our sights so we can hit the target, just as he does when he jousts.

How many of you have gotten on an airplane and have taken our oils out and rubbed them on so you get attention? It worked, didn’t it? Is there anybody in this room who could not be a Diamond in 18 months? Then write it down.

Could it be sooner than 18 months? Yes, because you should never put a limitation on a goal! Set a projected goal, but then always leave yourself open to adjustment. Leave yourself room for flexibility, but never change your sights on your goals.

How many of you have shot a rifle? How many sights are on a rifle? There are two, aren’t there. Why? Why do you think there are two sights on a rifle? It’s to line up the target, so you stand a better chance of hitting it.

Folks, if you don’t use things in your life to line up your sight, you’re going to miss your target. What is your greatest thing for lining your sight that you can do? Exactly what you’re doing, writing it down. Writing it down is your rear sight. That allows you to reflect on what you’ve written down and to do a self-evaluation: “Is this really what I want?” That’s your rear sight, and that’s your most critical one. Because if that rear sight isn’t lined up, you’re not going to make it, you’re not going to hit your target.

Your front sight is your goal, which you’re writing down. Align that rear sight (what you want) to your goal to keep you focused.

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