Our Opportunity to Make a Difference

Gary Young with his Jordanian Bedouin friends

Gary with his Jordanian Bedouin friends who helped organize a large camel caravan into Petra. Participants on Gary’s 2014 World Peace Caravan will experience a new respect for other cultures and beliefs as they travel from Petra to Jerusalem.

So this project is underway, and the kickoff will take place on March 26, 2014. We’ll have a one-day conference for the prelaunch of the caravan in Petra, where we will have guest speakers like the King, the Senator of Jordan, and the Mayor of Petra. I have personally sent a letter to His Holiness the Dalai Lama to be one of the speakers. We are also contacting other leaders of religious organizations to be speakers, not only during the conference but also during the caravan trek itself.

We have organized it so that every person who would like to attend may attend, even if it’s just for one day. So, if you can make it for one day or two days or a week or the full journey, we invite each of you to participate in stimulating the desire for world peace by uniting all of the nations in the cause of peace, to walk, ride, be at peace, sit around the fire, eat, talk, listen, sing, play, engage with each other, and realize that we are all humans, have the right to our individuality, and have the right to our own belief systems, while respecting others for what they believe as well.

Some of my greatest friends are Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and Buddhists, as well as Christians. I would neither fight with them nor shoot them, nor would they fight with nor shoot me, because they know who I am. They respect me for who and what I am; and I, them. All people are beautiful people because they’re all God’s children. We can’t brand somebody because of what some violent minds choose to do. This is our opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Registration opened on June 19, 2013. Now that you have the information, you’ll be able to start getting ready for it, planning your time, and being there. The World Peace Caravan website has more information: worldpeacecaravan.org.

Buses will operate from Petra every day to the caravan camp, so if people can go for only one day, they can get on a bus and ride to the campsite, travel the caravan, and be bused back to Petra. We’ll do the same on the Israeli side.

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