Paradigm, Not Personality, Leads to Success

Gary and Dr. Hervé Casabianca

This photo shows the man voted “least likely to succeed” in high school, Gary Young. Gary is working with the world’s foremost chromatography expert, Dr. Hervé Casabianca, sitting to Gary’s right at the GC-MS instrument in the Young Living Guayaquil, Ecuador laboratory.

If you’re not writing and you’re not recording, you have nothing to go back to, to evaluate whether you made a shift to change or not, and so you will think or convince yourself that you made a change while you did not. Because you want it, you will self-talk it, but it hasn’t manifested in reality, so you have not made a change. That’s why you’re still doing the same thing you’ve always done and getting the same results, whether it’s about your health, your finances, your spirituality, or your relationships. It’s the same thing.

Now does that mean you’re not going to have momentary success? No, of course you will. You’ll succeed in spite of yourself in some areas and fail in others.

You must recognize what is causing your failures, what is causing the fact that you just haven’t been able to break this barrier. Why is it that you feel you cannot go up to someone to talk about Young Living? I have listened to excuses until I could write an encyclopedia of people telling me, “Well, I just don’t have the personality.” That is the sorriest excuse I’ve heard. Your personality has nothing to do with your success. I want you to write that down: my personality has nothing to do with my success.

I’ve shared this before, and for you who are new, I’ll share it again. In 1966, before I graduated from high school, I was voted the least likely to succeed in life by my graduating class. I will tell you why next week!

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