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This photo shows Gary when he first started formulating supplements and discovering essential oils.

This photo shows Gary when he first started formulating supplements and discovering the power of our fabulous essential oils.

What are the 5 elements of a healthy lifestyle? Spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and social. This is why I created Young Living years ago. I was asked many times, ‘Gary, why don’t you just put your oils in the health food stores?’ Health food stores will not educate you. Nobody knew anything about essential oils when I brought them to America in 1985. I was called a snake oil salesman. In fact, I’ve been called lots of names, and now lots of companies are trying to copy, steal, and plagiarize what I have spent 30 years developing. Some people say that’s a form of flattery. Maybe it is, I don’t know. But you can introduce pure essential oils into any part of your life, and you will make it better.

Abundance. I make another oil blend that is not part of the Everyday Oils kit that probably a lot of you would really enjoy. It’s called Abundance—and it works very well.

When I was building our second office in Riverton, Utah, oh, my goodness, some folks would have thought I was remodeling the barn out back. It looked pretty bad. I took the walls out and started remodeling—that’s where I learned how to be a carpenter—and I was pounding, hanging sheetrock, taping, texturing, and painting; and I mixed Abundance oil blend in the paint.

At that time we were struggling, and I had just four employees. Sometimes the employees would sit there looking at the phone, hoping it would ring with someone wanting to place an order. I had only one order taker. Things were pretty slow, so I just put Abundance in the paint and painted the whole building inside with it. The next day the phone started ringing, and inside of three weeks, we had doubled in sales; and it hasn’t quit today.

We’re officially 20 years old, because I reincorporated in Utah when I moved there in March of 1994, although I actually started Young Living in 1989. Then it was Young Life Products. However, we’re officially a 20-year-old company; and my goal, as I’ve told my executives, is that we’re going to hit 100 percent growth this year.

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