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The parents of children in Gary Young's Chongon, Ecuador, school lay the first bricks for the expansion of the school to include high school students.

The parents of children attending the Young Living Academy in Chongon, Ecuador, lay the bricks for the expansion of the school to include high school students.

We are in a wonderful time of year for giving, when we can share the many blessings we enjoy with those less fortunate. Gary Young often says he has been richly blessed in recovering his health and in building a worldwide essential oil company with his wife, Mary.

Gary established the D. Gary Young Foundation to share the gift of health and wellness he has received for so many years. A perfect way we all can spread joy is by joining Gary in supporting the work of the D. Gary Young Foundation.

This Foundation provides educational, financial, and health and wellness support in the U.S. and abroad. For example, the Sponsor a Child Program provides children in Chongon, Ecuador, with an opportunity to attend the Young Living Academy, where they receive a fantastic education and learn the principles and practical application of self-reliance and good health. [Click here to learn more.]

Gary’s Foundation supports at-risk children, builds schools and water systems in needy communities, and provides disaster relief, to mention just some of its projects.

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