Be Sure You Get the Real Thing!

At last! A yummy syrup with berry juices and essential oils.

At last! A yummy syrup with berry juices and essential oils.

Spelt, kamut, and there’s another name that I almost forgot to mention, farro. It’s all explained in my book, Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life. These are also ancient grains but were some of the first hybridized grains through nature’s cross pollination. They have 28 chromosomes, double the chromosomes of einkorn. Are they a better source? They’re a better source than wheat for sure, but they’re still double the chromosomes.

If you think you can order einkorn online, the websites will tell you they’ve got it; and they’ll send it to you and collect your money. I’ve done it, from a farm in Idaho, one in Montana, and three in Washington. I received kamut or spelt from all of them.

I went all the way to Italy last year because a farm was advertising it was growing einkorn. So I flew to Italy to see the fields. They were growing spelt and selling it as einkorn. A big difference. So beware. I explain it in my book.

Love your spaghetti, love your pancake mix, and more will be coming.

Then you’ve got the beautiful NingXia Berry Syrup, which makes these pancakes even more delicious. It has the juices of blueberry, pomegranate, apricot, and raspberry. It also has orange and lemon essential oils and wolfberry seed oil.

Enjoy the wonderful, new Ningxia Berry Syrup and the delicious, healthful einkorn pancakes and spaghetti.

Editor’s Note: This is the final entry of Gary’s Einkorn Blog. Next week we begin sharing Gary’s inspiring 20th Anniversary Convention Address.

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