Rebuilding the School in Yarsa, Nepal

GARY: What was I doing here, Son?

JACOB: You were clearing the remains of the old school.

GARY: The old school completely imploded, and removing all of the rocks was a big job. I stood on the remains, part of the foundation of the school, with all the rocks that imploded inside. As the gentleman said, if the kids had been in school, probably most of them would have been killed.

The country is steep. I took pictures looking down from where I was mining dirt to where the truck was that was hauling the dirt down to the brick factory.

JACOB: You thought it was really funny to tease the driver, while Nikki Davis [Young Living Foundation Executive Director] and I were having a near-death experience. The driver’s sitting on the right side, and we’re sitting on the left. To the left of us, we could see—oh, 900 feet down. So he drove as close as he could to the outside of the road. Thank you!

Gary is clearing away the rubble from the old school that collapsed.

Gary is clearing away the rubble from the old school that collapsed.

GARY: So we’re going to be setting up a trip for those who would like to go back with us to build the school. The foundations, cement floors, and plumbing have now all been put into the school, and now the walls have to go up. So we’re going to invite you to go with us and help us rebuild the village of Yarsa.

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