Legacy Gary Member Stories – The Rest is History

Since Gary Young’s passing, we have put a lot of thought into how to continue the D. Gary Young blog. We want to foster a stalwart commitment to Gary’s legacy, so we asked members to think of a fond memory of their time working with him on projects, on travels, at one of the farms, or in another setting to share those memories with you. 

Here is a memory from Rita A.:

We Turned A Corner and Met Gary Young!

It was July 1994 when Carl Janicek anointed me with the essential oil blend Abundance. I dare to repeat, “The rest is history.”  

In the 1980’s we had had a vision to help others realize that “nature knows” and that we can trust being guided to self-responsibility for our well-being and that of our families. We had a path of purpose that would be in sync with our vision of holistic health, and there was an almost visceral sensation of expectation that one day we would turn a corner on our path and something totally new would be there. 

In July 1994 that “something” was Gary Young and his awesome vision of taking pure essential oils to the world! He would teach us on many levels and inspire us to move out of our limiting beliefs, to trust the process, and to share our light to dispel darkness around us, beyond us using essential oils that had been prepared with specific intent to preserve their life-lifting power.

He was leading a movement during a time when we were living the truth that “when the students are ready, the teacher will appear.” His love for people and belief in the many benefits of pure essential oils was so infectious. He was a dedicated student of the nature of God’s creations. 

Delving into the mysteries of the chemistry and energetics of essential oils and how to best preserve their delicate constituents to maximize their uses became our quest too. He had an eagerness for Young Living members to learn both the art and the science of the mysteries held in these little oil packets distilled from vegetation that had been created “for the healing of the nations” and why Young Living put “so much care in every drop.”

I want to share a few instances of personal interaction that demonstrate his genuine care for others:

Essential Oils Seminar, Izmir, Turkey, 1996.

In 1996 a group of us traveled with Gary to the University of Ege, in Izmir, Turkey, to study essential oil chemistry, where he was one of our teachers. My respiratory and digestive systems were challenged soon upon arrival. Young Living essential oils and caring for each other kept our group going during those unusual circumstances. 

Gary told us a little tidbit to help stem the troubling digestive upsets many of us were experiencing. He instructed that a drop or two of DiGize blend [now DiGize Vitality] dripped on a cube of bread and then held under the tongue until it gradually melted could ease digestive system upset. This first-hand learning experience is one example of something so simple he shared, yet this method of easing occasional stomach distress has brought comfort to a countless number of people. 

Another is how equal drops of Lavender and Roman Chamomile applied over the bridge of the nose bring relief during seasonal changes, and I wonder if he ever heard the stories about how one can smell Thieves when riding the New York City subway?

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