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Fulfill Your Destiny (2017 Convention Leadership Presentation)

April 2018

Take a Risk, Get Out of Your Rut!

We can always find excuses and reasons to give up and quit. It’s easy to…

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Support Your People!

Experiencing failure and pain is the price we pay for character. Yes, my hands were…

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The Timely High Five!

Now, you will have interruptions. So, I’m there; it was 17°F below that morning, and…

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Take Time to Sharpen Your Saw

To be successful, we need quiet time. We need to disconnect from the world. This…

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March 2018

When It’s Quiet, You Can Think!

Arriving at the Deshka Landing check point Sunday evening, 6:30 p.m., February 5. As I…

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Take Care of Your People!

And this is what I told myself. I said, “Gary, you’re going to do this!…

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You Don’t Quit!

Yes, in those times your head will play games with you, and it will convince…

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When the Going Gets Tough

Here we are stopping one night and getting the fire going, so I could feed…

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Face the Unknown and Just Do It!

Mushing into the unknown. Another thing that I learned. How many of you have felt…

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February 2018

To Be Successful, Keep on Going!

 You know, you don’t just lie down because you accomplish something. You don’t lie down…

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