Ancient Apothecary: Healing Tips from The One Gift

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Troie Battles Announces a New LSP Book, Ancient Apothecary: Healing Tips from The One Gift.

What is the gift contained within the book The One Gift? Well, the answer is simple…the gift will be different for each reader!

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book found on page 133: “Jona, how can you know if you are alive unless you have tasted death on your lips? How can you know success when you have never experienced failure? How can you know loneliness when you have never been alone? How can you know who you are until you face adversity, destruction, loss, pain, ridicule, change, sickness, or separation? These experiences create the character, integrity, creativity, passion, and desire for adventure. These are all aspects of God, and only when you find them will you start finding God in yourself.”

That is the ultimate goal…to find God within ourselves. Each experience in life can bring us closer to God or further away. It can make us bitter or better. We get to choose.

From my personal experience, I do know that you feel more alive when you are faced with death. I was told at the age of 22 that I would not live to see 30. That statement got my attention! I am now in my early 40’s and loving life at a different level because of my experience with facing death. That is the gift from D. Gary Young! You discover through the book what matters most to you and what you are going to do with that knowledge now that you have discovered it.

One of the precious gifts given throughout the book is the detailed use of essential oils during that time in history. The benefits of these oils have not changed over the last 2,000 years. Just like any truth, they will stand the test of time.

Whether you are an experienced essential oil user or just getting started, this new guide, “Ancient Apothecary: Healing Tips from The One Gift,” will enlighten your life, improve your health, and bring your spirit closer to God. As you explore this information, your knowledge will expand and your familiarity with the oils will increase.

Now, once again, you get to choose. Gary Young has given us a gift that can bless us for generations to come. We get to choose if we use it. He is a man filled with passion and integrity for his family and the essential oils.

My life is blessed by knowing Gary and Mary Young. Remember, this life is a journey that is meant to bring us closer to God and to find our Divine Nature within. Your experience with these ancient oils can bring you closer to that truth!

To Your Health and Success,

Troie  Battles

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