Clary Sage Supports Hormone Function

Gary Young speaking at convention in Orlando

To have Gary Young’s passion and energy use his life-changing blend Transformation!

Clary sage is also in Transformation. It contains natural phytoestrogens and is a support for menopausal women. If your estrogen is low or your testosterone is low, or both, you are naturally going to have a tendency to feel a little bit depressed, your energy level’s going to be low, and you’re going to feel fatigue early in the afternoon or evening. You’re not going to feel like you want to go out and make one more phone call or one more contact or teach one more meeting, so it will limit your success and the timing of your success.

But if you have normal hormone function, you’re going to have more energy, be more energetic, and be more passionate with what you share with new people. Passionate people are like a magnet, they just attract people. The more passion you have and the more passion you share, the more people are going to be attracted to you.

Every one of us has been through experiences in life where we’ve been depressed, maybe even been on antidepressants. I speak with a little authority, because I was on the antidepressant Prozac for seven years after my accident in 1973. I know what that’s like, and I know how it leaves you feeling. There’s nothing that makes you want to leave this life quicker than being depressed. When you get in that state, you just lose your whole interest in life, and it doesn’t matter who it is or who’s around you at the time.

So clary sage is really supporting to those hormones. It helps you move out of that stage of “feeling the blues” or just lifeless-type feelings. So it’s a transformation oil in and of itself.

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