Take Enzymes So You Don’t Have to Sleep A Lot

Gary Young in Ecuador

Whether his travels take him to China, Oman, or Ecuador, Gary attributes his amazing vitality to YL’s powerful enzymes.

Let me reiterate, if you have a yeast allergy, you have a gluten allergy. If you know that, then don’t hesitate to stop eating foods made with yeast, start taking your enzymes, and start cleansing your body.

What every person should do at night is to take 10 to 15 Detoxzyme when they go to bed. If you add one or two Essentialzymes with that, then you are going to make sure that you have what you need in your digestive tract to handle that big meal you had at 8 o’clock.

How many of you have restless legs at night? Not anymore. How many of you have nightmares at night? How many have restless sleep? All those are indicators of enzyme deficiency. If you have restless legs, if you have restless sleep—waking, sleeping, waking, sleeping—that’s enzyme deficiency. What is it telling you? It’s telling you that your body is fighting, struggling, and wrestling with trying to digest that food you stuffed in there, and it can’t do it because it doesn’t have any help.

How many of you know that if you don’t eat after 3 o’clock, you sleep better? That’s because your stomach is not in turmoil. It is believed that if you can get into the 4th stage of sleep, you need to sleep for only 2½ hours to totally rejuvenate your body. You cannot get in the 4th stage of sleep with enzyme deficiency. It’s impossible. Build up those enzymes!

I just got asked last week how I do what I do. Well, I don’t sleep a lot, and that’s because I take a lot of enzymes.

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