Explorations from Egypt to the Amazon

This is Dr. Radwin Farag who I studied biochemistry with at Cairo University from 1991 to 1996. It was a phenomenal time, and of course during this time is when I learned so much about the ancient history of essential oils, and this is what gave me the foundation for rebirthing what was called the cleansing of the flesh and blood with essential oils in ancient Egypt.

I made 3 expeditions into the jungle in Peru looking for plants. During the last one I made, the third one, which was three years ago, I got a bite in the jungle, which resulted in a hospital stay for a period of time. I was diagnosed over a period of four months with six different diseases. They finally determined that they didn’t know what it was; I just had some unknown virus. But it was similar to a flesh-eating disease, and it ate a hole in my side, it leaked, it was painful, and I ran a fever of 104, 105. I have a great souvenir on my side from that today.

Next is a picture of one of my eight expeditions into the Ecuador jungle looking for new plants to test.One of Gary's eight trips into the Amazonian jungle searching for new plants.

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