Making the Most Out of Life

Gary’s accident cost him everything he had worked for: home, family, business, and his health. He still has residual pain but that accident led Gary to his mission in life—Young Living Essential Oils and his beautiful family.

The results of the accident weren’t easy to overcome, and for 40 years I’ve lived with residual problems and pain from that accident. But what did I do with it? That’s what’s a lot more important. Forget the pain. Just focus on going forward and making the most out of life. Through this process, these are principles that I learned.

First, I had to understand that there are different kinds of dreams. This is where I find that a lot of people miss the ship because they get confused in how to identify a dream.

How many of you have had nightmares? Oh my goodness, yes; nightmares upon nightmares of a horrifying experience. Trauma and pain are where they come from.

Then we have recreational dreaming, where it’s just a fun dream, and you wake up and can’t even remember it. How many have had that kind of a dream? Yes, that’s a nice recreational dream, and sometimes it will even take you into the theta level of sleep.

Then you have self-destructive dreaming. How many of you have had self-destructive dreaming where you’ve been beaten up in the dream, have had something taken away from you, or your loved one was taken away from you? That often happens because of low self-image, and so your dreams during the night can substantiate and support how you see yourself.

When you learn to evaluate your dreams, you can learn to channel and empower them, for they will take you to the highest heights.


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