Be a Truth Seeker

GARY: When you embrace something, second thoughts may arise; and this is what causes failure. If you make a choice to embrace something, many thoughts have run through your mind. Mary, you made a choice to join Young Living nearly 23 years ago.

Mary and Vonn Harting, 2001.

Mary and Vonn Harting, 2001.

MARY: Yes, I did.

GARY: How many thoughts ran through your mind and for how many months?

MARY: For a couple of years, I had been looking for a company that I could really believe in that offered high value to mankind. I became excited when I learned about all the biblical references relating to essential oils. I have always said that people who look for truth recognize it when they hear it.

I am a truth seeker and I absolutely heard truth. I knew I had found something really great, and so I signed up immediately and started on my quest for more information.

blogpic 052517 mary level ii training 2001 2

Mary Young at LEVEL II Training, 2001.

I always told people in my organization, “If you hear about something and you’re curious, go to the meeting, go see what it’s about.” I didn’t say, “Oh no, you can’t go there; oh no, they might try to take you away, they might try to change your mind.” If you are a truth seeker, nothing can change your mind. That very attitude is what brought me to where I am today.

GARY: Thank you, honey. And this is my point. When you made the choice, you had already thought it through, and then you made the decision to join Young Living.

If you want to be successful, you throw your heart and soul into it 1,000 percent. Don’t pretend. If you’re trying to hide it, trying to keep it away from your family or friends or somebody else because you think they’re going to ridicule you, you have not fully engaged emotionally and spiritually, and you end up building a wall around yourself.

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