Build at Home First

blogpic 061517GARY: Are you creating a business that will span the globe and last forever? How many are building globally? Yes! Now I’m going to say this—in fact, Mary, I’m going to let you just jump in here and tell them when they start, what they shouldn’t do. You have always told everyone, “When you start, build at home.”

MARY: Oh, yes! I find it fascinating that somehow people get in their minds the idea that when they live in say Colorado, they’ve absolutely got to sponsor somebody in Florida. Or they know somebody living in Germany, and they’ve got to sponsor that person in Germany. It makes no sense at all to do that. Number one, it costs you a lot of money in shipping if you’re sending out things. It costs you money and time if you’re going to get on an airplane and go there to help them. My goodness gracious, you can be become a Royal Crown Diamond within a 50-mile radius of your home. Build within your own environment.

GARY: And ability.

MARY:  It will automatically spread. It has tentacles, and you’ll find yourself going to Florida, going to Germany, going to Malaysia, etc. But don’t intentionally put that on yourself when you’re just starting. Let it grow peacefully, easily, when you can go with it, and you have lots of knowledge and understanding and know how to teach. When you go to those faraway places, you can’t just go to teach one person. You’ve got to teach 20, you’ve got to teach 100, you’ve got to teach 200. Make it worth your time and expense. So, begin at home. You will find many who want information, want your guidance and direction, and you don’t want to deny any single person who wants to know what you know.

GARY: Thank you, honey. Absolutely. It’s really important.

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