Don’t Go Farther Than Your Commission Check

GARY: This is one of the things I taught years ago when I was building my business as a member in two different companies: never go farther than your commission check will take you. If you try to stretch beyond your commission check, and you live in California and want to help somebody in Tennessee, how much would it cost you to get there and back? Is your commission check going to pay for that? If it’s not going to pay for that, then don’t go there. Never go beyond your commission check; let it grow until it meets your needs.

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Mary and Gary Young at Grand Convention 2016

This is what happens in network marketing so much of the time. People go beyond their commission check, and all of a sudden they’re out of money, and then they’re taking money out of their savings account. If you’re married and your husband or wife hasn’t caught the vision and suddenly they see you taking money out of the bank account to go see Jenny Brown in Timbuktu, then you’ve started a little bit of contention in your home.

Irrespective of whether your spouse or your partner has bought into your dream, your home life is the space you protect first. It’s up to you to teach those who reside in your home why you have this feeling, why you have this vision. Help them to understand it.

I listened to one of our brand ambassadors last night at the dinner talk about how his wife got into the oils, and he just thought it was absolutely total foolishness. “This is silly and I don’t want anything to do with it.” Then he got hurt. Sometimes when people are in pain, their pride reduces a little bit. In his misery, he humbled himself and let her put some oils on him. Today he’s a brand ambassador.

So this is our responsibility, because sometimes we have to lead people slowly.

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