Learning from the Great Ones

GARY: So during the 1980s and 1990s, society transitioned from managers to leaders, influenced by sages like Buckminster Fuller, Earl Nightingale, Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, James Tillman, and who did you listen to yesterday? Brendon Burchard. Was that enjoyable? Did you appreciate that? What a bundle of energy. What a beautiful person. I went to one of Brendon’s classes four years ago when he was teaching a program on publishing, and I came back and told the guys, “You need to go and take a seminar. You need to meet this guy, and here’s the reason.”

Brendon Burchard speaking at the 2016 Young Living Grand Convention

I’ve been to a lot of seminars with a lot of people over the years. How many of you in this room are old enough to know a gentleman who taught classes at the Crystal Cathedral 40 years ago named Robert Schuller? Yes. I was a student of Robert Schuller, because I wanted to just learn. My library was empty and I wanted to fill it. I went and learned from who I thought then was the best. I think it was four years ago when I brought Bob Procter to Young Living.

MARY: Yes, four years ago.

GARY: Yes, I brought him here so we could all hear him and learn from his wisdom and life experiences. There are so many good people to learn from. All these people I mentioned were my mentors over the years.

I invited Brendon Burchard to come to Young Living and share with you because he’s a clean, moral-speaking person. You didn’t hear one foul word come out of his mouth, and you never will. Yes, he respects and honors people, and he speaks with integrity. He is a self-made person, and these are the kinds of people we want to look to and learn from as we go forward in life.

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