The Essential 7: Joy™

The Essential 7™ is a collection of seven of Young Living’s premiere single oils and oil blends. YL’s Doug Corrigan and Karen Boren are guest bloggers for a blog series sharing information that will teach you the many ways this kit can enrich your life.

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Sharing Joy with friends.

Karen: You can’t help loving Joy when you know the amazing oils that are in it: bergamot, palmarosa, ylang ylang, mandarin, rose, geranium, jasmine (which is technically not an essential oil but an absolute), rosewood, and Roman chamomile. I think that Joy is one of the most uplifting and calming blends that we have. It’s one that I personally love.

Doug: I like that you mention, and you’ve mentioned it before, that an oil can be calming and uplifting. And that’s the great thing about essential oils: that they can do both things because the oils have what you termed an inner intelligence. The oils are doubly powerful for the mind and emotions.

Doug: It’s interesting that Joy is an oil blend that you kind of come around to slowly a lot of times. Its impact can be so profound and so eye-opening, yet some people say it’s just not their cup of tea. In my experience, it’s an oil that you grow into. Sometimes it’s an acquired fragrance that you fall in love with over time. You mentioned a tremendous story from one of your friends that really left an impression on you with regard to one of the most important of the oils in Joy, rose essential oil.

Karen: This is really dear to my heart. I have a friend who turned to me for help when she was desperate. She had a grandson newly born and in intensive care. This little boy was receiving transfusion after transfusion but was not expected to live. She told me they had done everything possible at the hospital, and all she could think of was that she was not going to give up. She asked me for some rose oil, and I gave her the almost-empty bottle I had at home. She went into the intensive care unit and placed one drop of rose oil over that tiny baby’s heart. Now certainly the doctors had done their part, but who can say if that one little drop of that joyful, high frequency oil gave the uplift that helped her little grandson pull through?

To be continued.

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