Build Your New Life with Essential Oils

Gary and Mary Young

Mary and I celebrate our 18th anniversary this year with happiness, peace of mind, satisfaction, and fulfillment. It is worth the investment!

If you fell in love in the beginning, you can fall in love again, because love is about investment. Are you willing to invest in each other? This world needs examples of happy couples, and you can’t do that without investing in each other. You can’t do it without going back and looking at what kindled that spark in the first place and establishing the reality of maintaining it today, whether it has been 10 years or 20 years.

Mary and I are coming up on our 18th anniversary this year. Wow! We have had some really difficult times, as you can imagine. Our life is not a piece of cake, and we have to invest in it every day—every day—to have the happiness, the peace of mind, the satisfaction, and the fulfillment. Many times I don’t fulfill Mary’s needs, because I get caught up in some distant land climbing a frankincense tree, jockeying a camel across the Empty Quarter, or boating down the Amazon. When I return, I have to understand that she has needs, and she has to be willing to sit and tell me what those needs are.

We guys are so insecure in who we are that we find our security in doing things like building a house so people can say, “Whoa, boy, that’s a beautiful log cabin you’ve put up there, even if the corners aren’t square.” We get our self-fulfillment in physical things, but women are not the same. Women need to be touched, they need to be held, they need to know you care, guys. They need to know that when you’re away, you’re thinking about them and can’t wait to get home.

And gals, your husbands have been out there working hard, trying to pay the bills, so when they walk through the door, they need to know that you love them. They need to know that they are your king, and when you treat each other like a king and queen, you will be. You will be!

So take your oils and build your new life. Use your Transformation blend to help you in that transition time. Use Joy, Abundance, Highest Potential, 3 Wise Men, and Magnify Your Purpose. Empower your passion with En-R-Gee, Joy, Gratitude, and Humility; and if you’re stuck and haven’t been able to break free, remember Forgiveness.

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