Molecules in Motion

Child jumping for joy

The exuberant energy of a child is much like the true form of energy: molecules in motion.

We are affected by emotions. In 1972 Candace Pert, PhD, discovered what is called the opiate receptor on the surface of the cells in the body and brain, which was the first documented receptor.

Membrane fusion. How do oils work with emotion? By creating a membrane fusion and passing through and connecting with the receptor sites on the neurons in the body. The neuropeptides of emotions align with the molecules of essential oils, simply because they are made up of similar chemistry and thus are able to fuse into the cells.

Molecules in motion.  They never stop moving because they are the true form of energy, until life ceases to exist.

The vehicles that connect with the receptors are called ligands. Their purpose is to bump receptors, producing a vibration until they find a matching receptor. Do you know what essential oils already contain within them? Frequency. Speaking of which, isn’t frequency vibration? Just in a different language. So essential oils don’t have to go bumping along the gravel road, because essential oils are electromagnetic energy. You put the oil within the electromagnetic field of the human body, and it will already start to make adjustments.

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