On the Path to Spiritual Healing

frankincense tree

Begin your spiritual and emotional healing with the powerful fragrance of frankincense essential oil or the exquisite blend The Gift.

We have identified an element called emotions, which gives us power over ourselves. Because we have more information, we can do more. Emotional and spiritual healing with oils—is it possible? Yes! Begin your path with frankincense or the blend The Gift. Rub it on the brain stem. Stimulate the opening of the locus coeruleus and give yourself a couple of minutes just to feel the feeling and experience the emotions that start to come up. Stay in a quiet, still place. No candles burning, no music playing.

When I go in for a massage or a therapy session, the first thing they do is put on a tape or a disc for music, and I turn it off because it’s extremely offensive to me. I want to hear silence because only in silence can you hear the real sound and receive the real messages. We use noise to escape. We use noise to avoid dealing with issues. Emotions cause pain in the mind, the body, and the separation of the spirit.

How many of you have felt pain and then felt really spiritual at the same time? I’ve heard it said many times, “I can’t believe how spiritual she is when she is racked with so much pain.”

Folks, I have had pain to where I have attempted to take my life. I know what pain is to the nth degree. I did not feel spiritual in that level of pain. When you are healthy is when you feel spiritual. I have said to people that have made that statement to me, “Yes, everyone can have a level of spirituality in pain, but how much greater would the level of spirituality be if that person were not in pain? Pain is bondage, not freedom.”

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