Start Dancing, Then Decide What You Want!

Gary and Mary Young dancing

A marriage starts out with romance and hormones just a dancin’! But reality sets in and you need to sit down with your spouse and decide what you want and how you two can work together to achieve your dreams.

For those of you who want to change your life, use your oils, and speak your desire. Write down what you want.

If you’re looking at problems, if you’ve got problems in your relationship, the first thing you do is sit down with your spouse and be very clear and very direct: what is it that I want out of this relationship?  You see, every time we go down the road, we may start out with all of this love and romance and hormones just a-dancin’ and the receptors a-buzzin’; but somewhere down the road, reality sets in that there’s more to being married than just getting your blood pressure up. In order to make that happen, two people have to understand what it is they really want and if they want to share it together.

God wishes for His people to be a happy, healthy, and joyful people. I have seen no place where He says He wishes for His people to go down to earth and roll in the dirt, get stinky, be sick, be inflicted with disease, get divorced and live in misery, or stay together and live in misery. No, that’s not what He says or wants.

So all of you have to define and decide what it is that you want. When you are happy, when you are self-fulfilled, that is when you can be the greatest emissary and example to God there exists, because that’s when His Spirit works through you to help you fulfill your potential.

So take your opportunity, embrace it, and enjoy it. When you write down the things that you’re feeling, things that are hurting you, things that you want, things you would like to change, be honest and clear with each other and give each other space to do this. Be honest. Be real.

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