Writing: One of the Keys to Gary’s Success


Not only did Gary hand-sign copies of his book “The One Gift,” but he wrote the entire 288-page novel by hand.

Writing is one of the keys that I attribute to my success, because I write and write and write constantly, and I do it on paper. After I’d written three or four or five chapters of The One Gift, Mary said, “Honey, Why don’t you type it in the computer so that it’s easier for me to edit?” I said, Okay. So I moved over to the computer, sat down, and typed three words—and it stopped. What does it mean when I say it stopped?  The flow. When I was writing The One Gift, it was like I was watching a movie, and I was trying to write a script for the movie. But when I would put down the pen, the movie would shut off, and when I went to the computer and started to type, the movie never came on. So I went back to my writing table, picked up the pen, and the movie came on. And it was beautiful.

I write small when I’m writing, and what I would write on one 8½ x 11 yellow note paper is what translated word to word on a full typeset page in the book, and I could write 32 pages in a day. Then I could lay down the pencil and go two or three months and never pick it up again, and the moment I picked up the pencil, I didn’t have to go back to read what I had written; it picked up like a continuation and just flowed. Trying two or three different times typing versus writing was an incredible experience.  When I went back and relooked at my experience and started doing research, I came to understand and recognize that the hand in motion helps you erase your emotion from the encoding or the blueprinting on the MRNA. So it is very, very specific. Write, write, write.

For 30 years I always had my patients have five notebooks, one of which was just for negative thoughts only, and they would write every negative thought, every negative feeling they had until they couldn’t even conceive of another thought. I have had patients who would fill five spiral 8½ x 11 notebooks, both sides of the pages, with their negative thoughts and feelings.

Folks, you’re not my patients, you’re my family. But I’m telling you, if you want total success, never quit writing in your negative notebook. It’s the greatest dumping ground you can have, and when you’re writing, diffuse Release and get that energy really going. Put frankincense on what’s called your “third eye,” your forehead, the crown, the locus coeruleus, which is your circuit board right here at the nape of your neck. That opens up your whole limbic system for the information exchange through the locus coeruleus to all of the regions in the brain that fire the synapses throughout the body to send and receive signals and messages.

Writing is your greatest tool for success that you can do by yourself and without paying a therapist $250 an hour.

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